October 2015

People in Bhopal, India attend a busy eye screening meeting.
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Everybody counts: policy brief

A Sightsavers project identifying a number of barriers that can prevent people from engaging with providing and collecting data on disability.

Two adults and a young female stand infront of a house.
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Indicators of progress: measuring efforts in tackling diseases of poverty

People in poverty today are disadvantaged in multiple ways, from a lack of access to health care and education to inadequate housing and poor sanitation.

Close up of a woman smiling sitting outside.
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How can we leave no one behind in health?

The Sustainable Development Goals were agreed at the UN by 193 member states, and the new international agenda that we’ve been working towards is now set.

Hilbret is sitting on a wooden chair outside. A health worker is leaning over her head, examining her eyes. She has a child sitting on her lap.
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Mapping marginalised communities: The Global Trachoma Mapping Project

The opportunity for global transformation heralded by the unanimous adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) last month is vast.

A picture of two women and a man who have volunteered to lose their sight for the day.

Majority of Brits say sight is priceless

Sightsavers commissioned research to find out how much people in the UK value sight, with many respondents saying they see it as the most important sense.


Unreported World: an unbelievable response

We’ve had a fantastic response to Unreported World: The Fight for Sight, which screened on Channel 4 on Friday and featured Sightsavers’ work in Malawi.

A young girl leans over a barrel of water, with Sightsavers' logo on it. She is washing her face outside with soapy water.
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WASH and NTDs finally make it official

The World Health Organization has committed to support collaboration between WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and NTDs (neglected tropical diseases).


The Trust launches trachoma website

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust has launched a website that highlights the inspirational work of partners in 11 Commonwealth countries.

TV presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan with a group of people

Sightsavers on Channel 4’s Unreported World with Ade Adepitan

On Channel 4’s Unreported World TV presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan saw the impact of Sightsavers-supported cataract operations.

Lady with bandage over eye.

Miracles in Tanzania: Sightsavers blogs for Virgin Unite

Sightsavers’ Carol Casey blogs for Virgin Unite this week to recount her experience of seeing cataract surgery change lives in Tanzania.

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