January 2016

A woman, smiling, hugs her daughter and best friend.
Sightsavers Reports

Voices of the marginalised: January 2016 update

A community-based participatory project, aiming equitably to involve community members, organisational representatives and external researchers.

Sightsavers blog

The 2016 crystal ball

We asked some of our policy and advocacy team for their hopes and predictions for 2016.

A smiling man

Sightsavers features on American NPR Morning Edition

National Public Radio correspondent Jason Beaubien has spoken on the show’s Morning Edition today about his recent trip to Ghana organised by Sightsavers.

Emmanuel smiling while standing in front of a tree.
Sightsavers Reports

Emmanuel’s story

Meet 60-year-old Emmanuel, who lost his sight while earning a living as a fisherman after he contracted a disease called river blindness.