Sightsavers Reports

Will you help a child like Suborna, this winter?

November 2017
A young girl cups her hand around her eye, trying to see better.

Eight-year-old Suborna was in desperate need of a miracle. Over the past few years the cataracts in her eyes had caused her sight to slowly deteriorate, and could have left her permanently blind.

Tragically, Suborna tried cupping her hand around her eye to help her focus – but this didn’t help. In fact, her sight was so poor, her mother feared for her education. “She cannot continue in education because her eyesight is too bad,” she said.

Suborna was one of the lucky ones. Thanks to generous supporters like you, she received her miracle cataract operation and her life has completely changed. Her parents were over the moon, and her father said: “I am confident that Suborna will do better at school now. I will do anything to make sure she gets an education.”

Our incredible team of doctors and nurses work tirelessly to help save the sight of children like Suborna, but they badly need the support of one very important team member – you. By donating today, you could help provide the sight-restoring operation that can give children like Suborna the chance of a brighter future.

So please, give a gift and join our team of miracle workers this winter.

All your gifts help to achieve our aim of changing lives for the better.

You’ll be transforming lives

Every gift you give helps change lives for people in the world’s poorest countries. Since our work began, your donations have provided 6.1 million cataract surgeries and 332,000 trachoma operations. Our donors have also helped us to support more than 180,000 people with disabilities, enabling them to live full and independent lives.

We think it’s money well spent, and we hope you do too.