A visually impaired man and a woman holding hands as they walk outside.
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Imagination in the making: the inclusion of disability in the SDGs

Leaders from the disability and civil society sectors came together to celebrate the inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Two girls with visual impairments smile as they embrace each other.
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“The participation of marginalised people is imperative”

The Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York featured two speeches on the importance of disability inclusion in achieving the goals.

A boy grins at the camera.
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“All children count, but not all children are counted”

Sightsavers has signed a joint letter calling for new sources of data to ensure the global monitoring framework includes the needs of vulnerable children.

A close up photograph of someone's hand running over a sheet of braille.
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Disability and data: how we can make progress

At an International Disability Alliance meeting in New York, Sightsavers’ Dominic Haslam shared our experience of collecting data disaggregated by disability.

Close up photo of a smiling man.
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The SDGs: a massive step forward and a wake-up call

It’s the biggest week of the year for Sightsavers’ policy team, and they’ve been blogging about the run-up to the 2015 UN General Assembly in New York.

A girl holds her glasses up to her face and looks at the camera.
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Learning through innovation

Sightsavers’ strategy stresses that learning and innovation are essential to improve the quality of what we do.

Sankarlal walking with his son. He is wearing dark glasses, carrying a cane and has his hand on his 12 year old son's shoulder to guide him down a dusty road.
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United Nations General Assembly 2015

Sightsavers' policy team is attending the UNGA to witness the agreement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some children playing
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Global goals: the most important thing in the world?

This September, world leaders are meeting in New York at the UN General Assembly to set global goals for the next 15 years.

UN General Assembly
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The cheat sheet: what’s going on in New York this September?

On 25 September, world leaders will meet at the United Nations General Assembly to agree global development goals for 2016-2030. Here's what you need to know.

A couple holding hands
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A historic day: UN post-2015 negotiations put disability on the agenda

It’s been a busy weekend, with people around the world waiting to see what would come out of the post-2015 negotiations in New York City.

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