Disability rights

Govardhan, who suffers from sight loss, grows brinjal in India.
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Equality in the post-2015 development agenda: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities

A Sightsavers development agenda to ensure the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in the post 2015 framework.

A group of children smiling, sitting with an adult outside a building.
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Inclusive early education in Malawi

I travelled to Malawi to visit some of Sightsavers’ programmes. Travelling with me were two British Labour MPs – Ivan Lewis and Dame Tessa

In Malawi, a group of students receive Early Childhood development education.
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Disability in the post-2015 framework

A paper arguing that the absence of specific reference to disability in the MDGs has resulted in the increased marginalisation of persons with disabilities.

The sun sets over the mountains at Nsanje Hospital, Nsanje, Malawi
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Beyond 2015: ensuring people with disabilities are not left out again

AK Dube reveals why it is vital to include people with disabilities in global development.

Teachers, workers and children gather for a seminar for World Sight Day in Pakistan.
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Islamabad declaration on rights of persons with disabilities

A declaration made by teachers, health workers, officials and professionals about the rights of persons with disabilites in Pakistan.

A Uganda woman with a physical disability sits alone in her house.
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Not on the guest list: the Millennium Development Goals

At the mid point of the Millennium Development goals Sightsavers addresses the exclusion of people with disabilities and sets out a context for discussion.

In Pakistan, a disabled mother sits with her large family.
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Disability framework in Pakistan

A handbook detailing baseline information, policy perspectives and frameworks for analysis of the status of disability in Pakistan.

Representatives, teachers, and children attend a seminar on World Sight Day in Pakistan.
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Islamabad declaration of accessibility

A declaration prepared by officials, representatives, workers, and people with disabilities on accessibility in Pakistan.

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