Sightsavers Reports

Evaluation of Sightsavers’ Innovation Fund round 1

Evaluation of the Innovation Fund, part of the Sightsavers Programme Partnership Arrangement with the UK’s Department for International Development.

A man gathers fresh water at a new well.
Sightsavers Reports

WASHing away blinding trachoma

A report outlining how challenges of trachoma, access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and poverty are mutually reinforcing.

In Malawi, a group of students receive Early Childhood development education.
Sightsavers Reports

Disability in the post-2015 framework

A paper arguing that the absence of specific reference to disability in the MDGs has resulted in the increased marginalisation of persons with disabilities.

Villagers in Guinea involved in a project to eliminate onchocerciasis.
Sightsavers Reports

Elimination of onchocerciasis

The potential for the elimination of transmission of onchocerciasis where feasible, providing a data set of information to those raising funds.

A woman smiling after a succesful trachoma operation.
Sightsavers Reports

Elimination of blinding trachoma

To fast track the elimination of blinding trachoma in 24 countries; 22 in Africa and 2 countries in Asia - Pakistan and India - by 2020.

Patients waiting to attend a trachoma clinic.
Sightsavers Reports

A SAFE solution: Sightsavers’ fast-track initiative to eliminate blinding trachoma

A SAFE solution: a Sightsavers initiative outlining objectives to eliminate blinding trachoma.

Children line up at an educational assessment centre in Kenya.
Sightsavers Reports

Making inclusive education a reality

A 2011 Sightsavers policy paper detailing an approach to ensuring that education is inclusive.

Two young sisters who wear glasses attend school in India.
Sightsavers Reports

Policy brief: eye health in children

A policy brief outlining how school eye health needs to be fully integrated into both wider school health and eye health programmes.

A child with a visual impairment learns in a school in India.
Sightsavers Reports

Policy brief: eye health in children

A policy brief outlining how school eye health programmes need to be comprehensive, and go beyond the detection and treatment of refractive errors.

Children wait to start lessons outside a school in Sierra Leone.
Sightsavers Reports

Education for all: addressing marginalisation

A 2010 set of recommendations by Sightsavers to address marginalisation in education.

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