Win £5,000!
Play our Christmas raffle

Plus, if you donate now your gift will be doubled. The UK government will match your donation pound for pound so you can help even more children this Christmas.

Fahad smiling at home surrounded by decorative illustrated stars

You can win £5,000!

Tickets for the raffle are only £1, and the deadline to enter online is 3 January 2018. The draw will take place on 5 January 2018.


With Christmas approaching, some of us will already be looking to the new year. And what better way to start 2018 than by playing our online raffle and winning big?

As well as the £5,000 prize, there’s also a second prize of £1,000, third place gets £250 and five runners-up will get £100 each, so there are plenty of chances to win.

The income raised from ticket sales and donations will be matched by the UK government, pound for pound, meaning we can reach even more people with sight-restoring cataract surgery. The matched funds raised through UK Aid Match will support our projects in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why should you take part?

Cataracts are commonly associated with ageing, but children in developing countries are very much at risk too. Surgery to treat a child’s cataracts is more complex and expensive than for an adult, yet the consequences of delaying surgery can be devastating. A child’s sight may never fully develop, meaning they could miss out on an education and limit their opportunities to escape poverty. It is vital that we reach these children before their sight is lost forever.


Fahad smiling in his home.

The difference your gift can make

Six-year-old Fahad had cataracts in both eyes and was struggling at school. Thanks to Sightsavers supporters like you, Fahad had an operation to restore his sight, and now he’s free to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor – or a racing driver.

By taking part in our raffle, every £1 ticket you buy could help fund a sight-saving operation that could change someone’s life. Just £50 could pay for cataract surgery for a child such as Fahad. And remember, the income raised from ticket sales and donations will be matched by the UK government, pound for pound, so your gift will go even further this Christmas.


All your gifts help to achieve our aim of changing lives for the better.

You’ll be transforming lives

Every gift you give helps change lives for people in the world’s poorest countries. Since our work began, your donations have provided 6.1 million cataract surgeries and 332,000 trachoma operations. Our donors have also helped us to support more than 180,000 people with disabilities, enabling people to live full and independent lives.

We think it’s money well spent, and we hope you do too.

Your donation will be matched by the UK government, turning one cataract operation into two!