How you can help

There are so many ways you can help prevent blindness and create brighter futures for people living in poverty.

Join thousands of sight-savers by donating today


All your gifts help to achieve our aim of changing lives for the better.

You’ll be transforming lives

Every gift you give helps change lives for people in the world’s poorest countries. Since our work began, your donations have provided 6.1 million cataract surgeries and 332,000 trachoma operations. Our donors have also helped us to support more than 180,000 people with disabilities, enabling them to live full and independent lives.

We think it’s money well spent, and we hope you do too.

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Become a major donor

Making a large gift to Sightsavers can make a huge difference to the lives of blind and visually impaired people living in poverty. Restoring sight is an extremely effective way of tackling this head-on. Your support can transform entire communities.

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Fundraise with us

Whether it’s having your friends over for a cuppa and a shake of a collection bucket, or scaling a mountain and completing the challenge of a lifetime, there are lots of ways you can support Sightsavers and raise money to restore sight.

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A girl holds her baby brother in Tanzania.

Leave a legacy

You can’t choose where you’re born, and you can’t choose how long you’ll live – but you can choose to leave something behind to make the world better. By including Sightsavers in your will, you could change the future for generations to come.

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