How we’re run

Our CEO is fond of saying that her ultimate goal is to see all of us out of a job – that is, to achieve our aims so spectacularly that Sightsavers is no longer needed.

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Everything we do is geared towards our vision of a world where avoidable blindness has been eliminated, and people with visual impairments and other disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else.

We can only get there thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters. In return, we aim to be as transparent as possible so you can be sure your money is being used wisely. Here you’ll find information on how we’re run, how we spend your money and how we make sure it’s done efficiently.

How we spend your money

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Every penny you give is vital in achieving Sightsavers’ goal of eliminating avoidable blindness and promoting equality for people with disabilities.

Your donations have enabled us, during our 65-year-history, to distribute 295 million treatments to protect against river blindness, provide 6.1 million sight-restoring cataract operations, and support more than 180,000 people with disabilities to live independently.

We do our best to spend wisely, we ensure we have good financial management, and we don’t cut corners. We also work with local partners who know how to reach the people who need our support.

We think it’s money well spent, and we hope you do too.

Global management

Sightsavers is governed by boards in eight countries. Each of the boards is responsible for maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and making sure the organisation stays on track.
Find out more about our boards in the UK, the US, India, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Zambia. Read more about our global management team below.

Accountability and transparency

To achieve our goals, we depend on our supporters and donors, who provide us with funding, and our partners, with whom we design and implement our programmes.

Through building strong relationships with these stakeholders, we are able to change people’s lives in the countries in which we work. We believe we need to be accountable to these stakeholders if we are to maintain their trust and support.

Sightsavers has been a member of Accountable Now (formerly the INGO Accountability Charter) since 2011.

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Our performance

We aim to be as transparent as possible over how we operate and how we spend the money we raise. To achieve this, we openly share information about our performance, our organisation and our policies.

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