Sightsavers’ Innovation Fund

Last year Sightsavers developed an ‘innovation fund’, which gave us the freedom to explore new and creative approaches to tackling the issues we work on. This resulted in an exciting new project being funded in Bangladesh.

This project will look at the effects of climate change on the lives of people with disabilities, and how to ensure disaster preparedness activities take their needs into account. It will also look at alternative livelihoods for people living in areas particularly affected by climate change. The project is taking place in the flood-prone districts of Khulna and Satkhira.

This year we would like to cast the net further and wider, and are inviting applicants from other NGOs, academic institutions, the private sector and disabled people’s organisations to apply. This is the first time that we have funded programmes in this way, and we hope this collaboration will result in fresh and exciting ways to tackle barriers affecting the areas of eye health, inclusive education and social inclusion.

For more information about the fund, click the link below:

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