SIM Card and dashboard

We use a method called the balanced scorecard to implement our strategy. We renamed it the SIM card (strategy, implementation and monitoring). It consists of a strategy map and a scorecard.

The strategy map breaks our long-term goals and aims down into tangible objectives across each part of the organisation. If our strategy is where we want to get to, the strategy map shows us how we plan to get there. In other words, what do we need to focus on specifically to achieve our aims?

You can download the strategy map here:

You can find an interactive version of our SIM card at the bottom of the page, with a case study from each area of our work that it measures.

Measuring success: our scorecard

We monitor the scorecard using an internet-based interactive dashboard that has targets for each of our objectives.

Representatives from each team submit data for the dashboard every quarter. The traffic light system demonstrates whether we on, approaching or below target. All staff can see the dashboard, and it plays a key role in decision-making across the organisation. To see the dashboard, and how we’re performing based on data from Q2, click below. (Please note that ‘lead’ = whether we’re doing what is needed to fulfil the objective and ‘lag’ = where we are achieving the objective.)

SIM card dashboard - Q2 2013

Interactive SIM Card

Here you can view an interactive version of our Strategy, Implementation and Monitoring Card. Click on each area of our work for a tangible case study.

Strategy progress Q2 2013

You can now download the PDFs to see how we performed in Q2 2013.

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