Event shows how inclusive data can ensure no one is left behind

September 2017
Dom Haslam talking with a microphone, next to a lady and a man.

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data has highlighted the importance of using detailed data to shine a light on groups that are frequently excluded.

The partnership hosted an event during the UN General Assembly, titled ‘Inclusive data to end poverty and leave no one behind.’ The event explained how using more granular data about marginalised groups  is essential to achieve the 2030 Agenda aspiration to ‘leave no one behind’.

Speakers at the event included ministers, senior representatives from governments around the world and high-level UN and civil society representatives, who all showcased how data disaggregation affects policy and improve people’s lives.

Hon George Gyan-Baffour said: “It is easy to ignore the poor if they are statistically invisible.”

Dominic Haslam, Director of Policy and Programme Strategy at Sightsavers, was one of the panellists. He spoke about the transformative power of using the Washington Short Set of Questions on Disability to unlock the full potential of development programmes, and how data disaggregation is a key part in the shift from the Millennium Development Goals to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch a recording of the live streaming of the event here.

To learn more about Sightsavers’ work on disability data disaggregation, visit our Everybody Counts page.

“It is easy to ignore the poor if they are statistically invisible”

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