Bengali TV show shares Sightsavers’ success stories

March 2018
Ferdousi smiles as she touches her brother's face.
Ferdousi's happiness is captured on camera after her operation.

A new TV series has premiered in Bangladesh to tell the stories of people whose vision has been restored thanks to Sightsavers.

The programme, called ‘Shopno Dekhe Chokh’ (‘Eyes See the Dream’), is broadcast on GTV, a Bengali-language digital cable channel. It screens every Sunday at 9pm local time.

The first episode features the story of Ferdousi, who had cataracts that severely affected her vision, but was unable to afford treatment following the death of her father, mother and sister. She now lives with her brother – her only surviving relative – but they have no savings and very little income.

Sightsavers stepped in to support her cataract surgery. Following the operation, when her bandage was removed, she couldn’t wait to see her brother’s face.

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of untreated cataracts worldwide, with more than half a million people thought to be blind as a result. One of the aims of the series is to raise awareness among Bangladeshis about eye health and how many eye conditions can be prevented or reversed.

The country is making progress in providing eye care, but it still has a large number of people who are blind or visually impaired for avoidable reasons. As well as supporting cataract operations, Sightsavers works with partners to help strengthen eye health services, and advocates for the rights of people with permanent blindness and other disabilities so they can lead independent lives.

The programme is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. You can watch the first episode below (in Bengali).

Women in Bangladesh holding her son after his cataract surgery.

Sightsavers’ work in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the highest reported rates of untreated cataracts worldwide. Learn what we're doing to help.

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