Our work in Tanzania

At a glance

Tanzania was established as a united republic in 1964, following the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. The coastal belt where a large part of the population live is a flat lowland along the Indian Ocean with a tropical climate.

Sightsavers in Tanzania

Sightsavers has been helping to develop eye care services in Tanzania since the 1950s. By working in partnership with government and local organisations we have helped establish a health system which links up eye care, education and rehabilitation services in the most needy regions in the country.

A new start in Zanzibar

Fifteen-year-old Hamadi Khamis had been living as a blind person, as he did not know treatment was available.

Seeing stripes

When Tum got her sight back she couldn’t wait to count the coloured stripes on her hand-woven mats!

It's much better here...

13-year-old Frances Kidenya from Tanzania has had severe low vision since birth but, thanks to integrated education and rehabilitation, he's looking forward to a brighter future.

David Blunkett in Africa

Former Home and Education Secretary David Blunkett MP travelled to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar with Sightsavers.

Making savings in Tanzania!

In these worrying financial times we are pleased to crown Sylvester Satuu of Sightsavers in Tanzania ‘Employee of the Month’ for his quick thinking that saved $1,000.

He's the breadwinner even though he's blind

Senior writer for the Scotland on Sunday Jeremy Watson found out how blind people are learning skills for life in Zanzibar. 

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