Connecting the Dots

Our Connecting the Dots training and employment programme has transformed the lives of young people with disabilities in western Uganda.

A young woman working at a sewing machine.

The project delivered vocational training, transformed attitudes to disability and strengthened the work of organisations working with people with disabilities.

A follow-up project is building on the success of Connecting the Dots by increasing the number of participants and expanding to another district.

young people graduated from the initial four-year project
of them were earning an income after graduating
students from 5 districts enrolled in the follow-up project
The European Union and National Lottery logos.

The European Commission has funded the economic empowerment programme since 2012, and additional funding was awarded in August 2017 by the Big Lottery Fund. This generous support has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of young people with disabilities in Uganda.


Simon Peter’s story

Simon Peter Otoyo had just returned home from his local school when rebel soldiers arrived in his village in northern Uganda.
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Women smiling at camera, holding plate with omelette

Grace’s story

Grace has known a lot of unhappiness in her life, but she’s hoping that her prospects will change thanks to Connecting the Dots.
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Woman standing between two stoves.

Hilda’s story

“I dropped out of school when I was 14 because there was no money to push me forward. I wanted to stay on and I actually felt so angry and cried.”
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I wanted to show the community that disabled people can also be productive.
Simon Peter, knitting graduate/teacher
Simon Peter Otoyo with one of his graduating students at Amor Foundation Vocational Training School in Bweyale, Uganda.

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Najiiba and Julius

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Finding true love isn’t easy. For Najiiba and Julius, it seemed almost impossible because of the stigma they faced due to their disabilities.

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Godfrey’s story

Mechanic Bagada Godfrey is a district supervisor for people with disabilities, helping to train them, build their confidence and change negative attitudes.

Edith with Joseph, one of the Connecting the Dots students.
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Edith’s story

Over the past four years, Edith has helped 324 young people with disabilities to complete vocational training, giving them the chance to live independently.