Sightsavers Reports

Policy on services for cataract

July 2010

Cataract is the commonest cause of visual impairment and blindness worldwide.

Services for cataract are the cornerstone of eye care services and a priority of Vision2020 – the Right to Sight.

Surgery for cataract is highly cost effective, and good outcomes lead to improved quality of life, visual functioning and economic productivity. Sightsavers works with partners to detect, refer, manage and follow up people with cataract in the countries where it works. This revised policy builds on Sightsavers Strategic Framework 2009 – 2013 and enlarges on the change themes in relation to health, community participation and development.

The ultimate aim of Sightsavers change theme in relation to health is that: “Governments will ensure that good quality eye care is available to all people as an integral part of wider health systems.” The short to medium term aim is that “Sightsavers will demonstrate approaches to eye care which are scalable, adaptable, cost effective and which strengthen and support the overall health system”.

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Sightsavers and eye health
Surgical staff perform a cataract operation.
Sightsavers from the field

Watch cataract surgery condensed into one and a half minutes

During a recent trip to Bangladesh, we filmed a time-lapse video of a Sightsavers cataract operation taking place at Khulna BNSB hospital.

February 2018
Staff from Makeni Hospital's eyecare team smile for the camera.
Sightsavers from the field

Meeting Sierra Leone’s miracle workers

In October 2017, Sightsavers staff visited Makeni Hospital in Sierra Leone to meet the amazing eye care workers your donations are helping to support.

February 2018
Rebecca takes a selfie with Dorcas, in Nigeria.
Sightsavers from the field

The personal stories behind Sightsavers’ billionth milestone

In Nigeria, Sightsavers' Rebecca Mintrim joined the celebrations for the billionth NTD treatment.

February 2018