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Inclusion made easy in eye health programs

September 2017

Disability inclusive practices for strengthening comprehensive eye care

People with disabilities constitute the world’s largest minority group. As such, this ‘guide’ is a very important resource for all people working in eye health. It addresses the specific steps needed to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to eye health programs, and also the need to ensure that those with permanent vision loss access wider opportunities.

The ‘VISION 2020: The Right to Sight’ global initiative was launched in 1999 to promote and develop a global momentum to reduce avoidable blindness. The governments of 195 countries have since signed the VISION 2020 declaration, showing their support to its objectives.

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Sightsavers and eye health
A woman has her eyes examined by a male ophthalmologist.
Sightsavers blog

Lessons from our first inclusive eye health project

Sightsavers recently undertook a learning review to capture and consolidate what we’ve learned so far from our eye health pilot project in Bhopal, India.

Sightsavers, May 2018
NTD coordinators in Nigeria receive the keys to their new motorbikes from the Director of Public Health.
Sightsavers from the field

April highlights: updates from around the world

An update from Nigeria, where Sightsavers has donated new motorbikes to a group of NTD workers. Plus news from Guinea, Cameroon and Mozambique.

May 2018
Surgical staff perform a cataract operation.
Sightsavers from the field

Watch cataract surgery condensed into one and a half minutes

During a recent trip to Bangladesh, we filmed a time-lapse video of a Sightsavers cataract operation taking place at Khulna BNSB hospital.

April 2018