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Universal design and inclusive eye health: a pilot initiative in Bhopal

October 2017

Sightsavers is working with partners in over 30 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote the rights of people with disabilities.

The organisation is currently piloting an Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) initiative in Bhopal (India), involving a tertiary eye hospital and six primary vision centres located within urban informal settlements. The project aims to develop an IEH model inspired by principles of inclusion, accessibility, participation and universal design, and informed by a human rights-based approach to inclusive development.

Ultimately, the goal of Sightsavers’ IEH model is to ensure that sustainable and barrier-free eye health services are available to all; that people with disabilities, women and other marginalised groups are empowered to exercise their fundamental right to health; and that governments and other stakeholders implement inclusive health policies, in line with the principles expressed in international human rights treaties, Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Sightsavers and eye health
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Sightsavers Reports

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