Sightsavers Reports

The inclusion champions’ handbook

October 2017

Schools are really important.

They help children feel they belong to the community. They provide opportunities for children to develop skills that can lead to jobs and improve the life chances of all children. There are barriers in schools that are hard for children with disabilities to overcome.

These barriers may be to do with the school buildings, with negative attitudes towards disability or with rules and ways of doing things that make it hard for children with disabilities to succeed. We will be looking at some of these issues in later chapters of this handbook, but let’s begin by thinking about how you can change your teaching to make it more inclusive.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
Mafoune and her teacher smiling and embracing in front of a classroom blackboard.
Sightsavers Reports

Mafoune’s story

Mafoune is happy and confident, but she wasn’t always like this. An inclusive education project for children with disabilities has made all the difference.

November 2017
Boys sit in a classroom.

Mali government and USAID praise Sightsavers’ inclusive education programme

More than 250 children with visual impairments will go to primary school in Mali as the result of a Sightsavers pilot being run in six schools.

October 2017
Sightsavers employee Sarah sitting on a boat with 12 other people.
Sightsavers from the field

Restoring sight on a remote island

Sightsavers’ Sarah Filbey visits a training session for primary school teachers in Zanzibar, as they learn how to support students with visual impairments.

September 2017