Sightsavers Reports

Making the connections: strategic framework 2012-2018

October 2017

The evidence that sight restoration alleviates poverty

Research carried out in Bangladesh, Kenya and the Philippines by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that blindness causes poverty, and that restoring sight improves the economic status of individuals and families. They found people who had cataracts, and compared them with people in similar situations who did not.

Expenditure in households where an adult had cataract was lower than in non-cataract cases. Cataract households were checked before and a year after surgery – results showed that the gap in expenditure across the different types of households was dramatically narrowed.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
A group of people sitting on the grass. A man is leading a discussion and has a money box open next to him.
Sightsavers Reports

The savings group that’s changing lives

The Masindi Savings Group meets under a tree outside local council buildings in Uganda. But the unusual location isn’t the only unorthodox thing about it.

December 2017
A young girl raising her hand in a busy classroom.

Sightsavers welcomes UK announcement of global disability summit

The UK government will hold a disability summit in July 2018, as part of a push to ensure people with disabilities are included in global development.

November 2017
A woman smiling as she pays attention in a class environment.
Sightsavers Reports

Jane’s story

“If the chance is given to me to acquire skills, and if I am able to earn some money, my life can improve – I can look after myself.”

November 2017