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Put us in the picture: the global change we seek

October 2017

In many developing countries it is difficult to reach everyone, even when education systems aim to be inclusive of all children.

National budgets for education are often limited and families are frequently unable to afford the costs of education. For children and young people with disabilities the situation is particularly acute as they commonly face additional barriers to participation, including discrimination, violence and abuse; inadequately trained and resourced teachers; a shortage and high cost of assistive devices and learning materials; and inaccessible water and sanitation points in schools. Many girls and women with disabilities experience double and multiple discrimination, including gender-based violence.

Put Us in the Picture, Sightsavers’ policy campaign, aims to deliver development policy that is inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
Women line up on the start line of the Raipur running event.
Sightsavers from the field

February highlights: updates from around the world

Including news from India, where women with disabilities took part in a running event to raise awareness of women’s health.

February 2018
Mafoune from Mali with her teacher.

A brighter future for people with disabilities

With your help, we’re working hard to ensure people with disabilities have the same chances in life as everyone else, to earn, learn and be happy.

February 2018
A group of people sitting on the grass. A man, with a money box, is leading a discussion.
Sightsavers Reports

The savings group that’s changing lives

The Masindi Savings Group meets under a tree outside local council buildings in Uganda. But the unusual location isn’t the only unorthodox thing about it.

December 2017