Sightsavers Reports

Policy recommendations for inclusive education: advocacy pack

October 2017

Why urgent action is needed to include children with disabilities in education

Education for children with disabilities is not only a fundamental human right, but essential for poverty alleviation and human development. People with disabilities constitute an estimated one in five of the world’s poorest. Exclusion from education is a significant factor in the high levels of poverty often experienced by people with disabilities and their families. Denying children with disabilities access to a quality education greatly constrains their opportunities to gain independence and skills. The caring responsibilities associated with disability can also prevent siblings and other family members from engaging in work or attending school.

Yet, with access to education, children with disabilities have the chance to become active and engaged citizens who can shape their own futures and claim their rights in employment, politics and other spheres.


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Sightsavers and disability rights
Mafoune and her teacher smiling and embracing in front of a classroom blackboard.
Sightsavers Reports

Mafoune’s story

Mafoune is happy and confident, but she wasn’t always like this. An inclusive education project for children with disabilities has made all the difference.

November 2017
Boys sit in a classroom.

Mali government and USAID praise Sightsavers’ inclusive education programme

More than 250 children with visual impairments will go to primary school in Mali as the result of a Sightsavers pilot being run in six schools.

October 2017
Sightsavers employee Sarah sitting on a boat with 12 other people.
Sightsavers from the field

Restoring sight on a remote island

Sightsavers’ Sarah Filbey visits a training session for primary school teachers in Zanzibar, as they learn how to support students with visual impairments.

September 2017