Sightsavers Reports

Stratégie d’education de Sightsavers 2013-2018

October 2017

Ce document présente les orientations stratégiques de Sightsavers en matière d’éducation pour la période 2013-2018.

Sightsavers mettra l’accent sur la promotion de l’éducation inclusive pour les enfants et les jeunes atteints d’une déficience visuelle dans les pays à faible revenu, tout en soutenant l’éducation d’autres jeunes handicapés chaque fois que possible.

Nous soutiendrons uniquement la prestation de services d’éducation menant à l’inclusion sociale au sens large des jeunes handicapés.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
The Sightsavers team on stage at the HCL ceremony.

Sightsavers India wins prestigious award for its inclusive education programme

More than 3,300 NGOs applied for the HCL Grant, which supports organisations that help to transform rural India through sustainable development.

March 2018
Mafoune and her teacher smiling and embracing in front of a classroom blackboard.
Sightsavers Reports

Mafoune’s story

Eleven-year-old Mafoune has low vision. She is happy and confident, but she wasn’t always like this: an inclusive education project for children with disabilities has made all the difference.

November 2017
Boys sit in a classroom.

Mali government and USAID praise Sightsavers’ inclusive education programme

More than 250 children with visual impairments will go to primary school in Mali as the result of a Sightsavers pilot being run in six schools.

October 2017