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Will you help the 200,000 children who are still waiting?

There are 200,000 children in countries like Tanzania who are still suffering from cataract. If they aren’t operated on soon, they could remain blind for life.

Paulo, Haji and Magdalena (pictured above), all suffer from this completely avoidable, blinding condition. And if they don’t have the operation before they reach the age of eight, the likelihood of their vision improving following surgery decreases dramatically.

But you can help change this. Recently we told you the story of Baraka. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Baraka has now had his cataract operation and it was a success! At long last he can see the smiles of his adoring family.

See the difference for yourself:

Baraka is lucky. With his sight-restored he can go to school and get an education. But for children like Paulo, Haji and Magdalena, time is running out.

Your support could help transform the lives of children like Paulo, Haji and Magdalena. The impact cataract is having on their young lives isn’t just horribly unfair, it’s also completely unnecessary.

Will you donate today and give a child a Christmas miracle?

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