#Take10Give10 for Sightsavers

Take on the #Take10Give10 social media challenge for Sightsavers, and you and your friends could help restore someone’s sight.

Happy children playing with balloons in a garden

For many people with visual impairments in low and middle income countries, barriers surrounding sight loss and disability mean they are often excluded from taking part fully in society.

Even daily activities such as moving around or going outdoors can be difficult and scary without the right support.

But a £30 sight-restoring cataract operation, which can take as little as 10 minutes, has the potential to change lives.

Here’s how you and your friends can help

Take 10

Take 10 minutes to look after yourself and enhance your wellbeing

Whether it’s a short walk round the block, a tea break with friends or a fitness routine to work up a sweat, take time out of your day to do something you love!

Give 10

Text VISION to 70800 to donate £5 to Sightsavers by 9 January 2018

If you live in the UK, the UK government will double your donation to £10. Why not club together with two friends and fund an entire cataract operation?

Pass it on

Share your good deed with us on social media!

Make sure you tell the world: snap a selfie of your activity and share it with Sightsavers using the hashtag #Take10Give10 on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Your donation will be matched by the UK government, turning one cataract operation into two!


Encourage everyone to get involved

Tag a friend on social media and nominate them to take the challenge too. You could use one of our sample posts below.

Sample tweet

@[tag a friend] #Take10Give10 for @Sightsavers! Text VISION to 70800 to give £5 to save sight & @DFID_UK will make it £10

Sample Facebook post

My #Take10Give10 challenge for @SightsaversUK. Text VISION to 70800 to give £5 to save sight and @ukdfid will make it £10! I nominate @[tag a friend] next!

Sample Instagram post

My #Take10Give10 challenge for @sightsavers. Text VISION to 70800 to give £5 to save sight and @dfid_uk will make it £10! I nominate @[tag a friend] next!