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We think people with visual impairments should have the chance to live independently and contribute to their communities, just like everyone else. That means access to education, healthcare and training, the chance to earn a living and support their families, and the opportunity to avoid a life of poverty.

Poverty is both a cause and effect of blindness in developing countries – if you’re poor, you’re more likely to contract the diseases that cause sight loss, or be denied access to treatment that can prevent it. And if you’re blind, you’re more likely to be poor.

In many countries, there’s a lot of stigma and often superstition around disability. Some people are ashamed of blind family members, believing them to be useless or even cursed. We want to change these attitudes so people with disabilities are treated with dignity, and are able to live independently and contribute equally.

A girl using specialist equipment to allow her to learn alongside her classmates.

Mwanaisha uses specialist equipment to allow her to learn alongside her classmates.


Working with our partners, we equip schools with the technology and teaching skills to support children with visual impairment to attend lessons with their peers. We support people to live independently, which could mean anything from supplying them with glasses or a white cane to setting up a work placement or teaching them to farm without sight.

Back in our UK headquarterswe make sure the aid and development decisionmakers don’t forget about the rights of people with disabilities. We make ourselves heard at United Nations meetings where future development goals are agreed, doing everything we can to keep disability issues high on the priority list.


Your donations are used not only to prevent blindness and restore sight, but also to make everyday life easier for people who are blind or visually impaired. Sightsavers supporters fund school equipment like Braille kits and reading domes, provide specialist teachers and early childhood programmes, and pay for training and equipment to help people with disabilities live independently. Sightsavers also promotes equality at government level by campaigning for a fairer deal for people with disabilities.
Asiah’s story: ‘I dig, I plant, I move forward’


Jenneh Collier stands smiling outside a school building.

“When I leave school I want to be a teacher

Jenneh – two years on!


“Without education we are nothing”


Emmanuel smiling

"I can work, socialise and earn a living"


A close up of 6 year old Majidul.

Majidul as seen on BBC's 'Forces of Nature'



For every £1 we receive (including donated supplies)


goes on vital charity work


goes on growing awareness and our funding

uk-aid-with-borderSightsavers is one of only nine charities given a ‘high performance’ rating by the UK Department for International Development as part of a 2012 Independent Performance Review of their Programme Partnership Arrangement. Find out more.


Children paint a mural on a wall in India.

Higher profile for Sightsavers Inclusive Eye Health initiative in India

09 December 2016

This week, Sightsavers has boosted the profile of its Inclusive Eye Health initiative being piloted in the Indian city of Bhopal with two events that made a splash with the media. Continue reading

Halima Suleiman

Sightsavers set to promote crucial role of data at world-first forum

13 January 2017

Sightsavers is taking part in the UN World Data Forum in Cape Town, which will explore using statistics innovatively to deliver the Agenda 2030 SDGs. Continue reading

An image of Ringo Starr's glasses that were sold in the celebrity auction.

Huge success for Specs Appeal auction

06 December 2016

Our celebrity eBay auction, offering bidders the opportunity to bid on hundreds of pairs of glasses and sunglasses once owned by celebrities, has come to an end after 10 days. Continue reading

Young woman sitting in classroom with students.

Sightsavers welcomes DFID commitment to leadership in disability inclusion

01 December 2016

Sightsavers has welcomed the commitments made by the UK government in two major reviews setting out its priorities for international development. Continue reading


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