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Art student putting finishing touches to the Inclusive Eye Health mural in Bhopal.

Bhopal inclusive eye health project

We define inclusive eye health as services that are sustainable, accessible and planned with gender and disability considerations in mind.

A group of people smile as they sit round a table having a discussion and pointing to paperwork on the table.

Everybody Counts

Globally, there’s a lack of accurate data on disability. In 2014, we started testing new ways to collect data about inclusion of people with disabilities.

Muhammed has his eyes tested by a health worker.

Inclusive eye health

Sightsavers advocates for universal health coverage for everyone, meaning all people, wherever they live, can access quality, affordable health care.

A group of women in Malawi sing, dance and clap.

India board

Sightsavers India is governed by a board of independent trustees who are responsible for maintaining a high standard of international corporate governance.

Langford, who is five years old, stands smiling in the doorway of his home.

The Lions Sight Savers Trust

Lions clubs in the UK created the Lions Sight Savers Trust in 1982 to solely raise donations for Sightsavers’ work.

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