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Support a hero this Christmas

As we strive to eliminate avoidable blindness in the countries where we work, our sight-saving heroes need your help more than ever.

November 2018
A village screening by Dr Ndalela under a tree.
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This Christmas, your company donation can save sight! Your support will help our sight-saving heroes who are protecting and restoring sight to thousands of people in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We have chosen three inspirational heroes you can support, who work tirelessly every day to ensure they treat as many people as possible. Each day, our heroes are committed to protecting and restoring sight to people who would otherwise face the possibility of a lifetime of blindness.

Your company can choose one of the following heroes to support this Christmas. You can get to know each hero by watching  the videos below.

To show how your company has changed lives, we’ll send you a thank-you video from one of our sight-saving heroes to share with your colleagues.

Dr Paul Nyaluke.

“If you can save the sight of a child, you can change their life.”

Watch Dr Nyaluke's video
Baraka Ango standing in Nigeria with a dose pole.

“I find joy in being able to help those in my village stay safe and well.”

Watch Baraka's video
A man smiles, wearing a yellow Sightsavers tshirt.

“Restoring or improving a person’s sight is the best part of this job.”

Watch Givemore's video
Winesi smiles with his family outside their home in Malawi.

“Sightsavers reflects what can be achieved when a dedicated team work together to end avoidable blindness across the globe.”

Winesi smiles with his family outside their home in Malawi.

Peter Macdonald, CEO, The Body Shop Ireland

Support a hero this Christmas