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Muhammed has his eyes tested by a health worker.

It’s time for action on universal health coverage

Each year in low and middle income countries, eight million people die of conditions that should be treatable. That’s why commitment to universal health coverage is so important.

Juliet Milgate, September 2019
Sisters Barikisu and Ayishetu sit outside their home with bandages covering their eyes, following their trachoma operation.

Why universal health coverage is vital to fight extreme poverty

It is estimated that half the world still lacks access to essential health services, and that’s why Universal Health Coverage Day is so important.

Juliet Milgate, December 2018
Sisters Awa and Arame Ndiaye sit next to each other, both of them are smiling.

How universal health coverage could change the lives of millions

Each year, an estimated 150 million people are impoverished because of high health care costs, and 100 million people are pushed into poverty.

Juliet Milgate, December 2014
A young boy wearing dark glasses, laughing.

Why we need to support the eye health workforce

This World Sight Day, Sightsavers is focusing on the global acute shortage of eye health and health workers.

Juliet Milgate, October 2013