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Most of us blink without thinking about it – we do it more than 20 times every minute. But for people suffering from the eye disease trachoma, each blink can be agony. With advanced trachoma, every blink brings them closer to blindness, until eventually they lose their sight completely.

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The disease

Trachoma is a bacterial infection, and is the leading infectious cause of blindness worldwide.

Its symptoms are like conjunctivitis. But if the eyelids are damaged by repeated infection, scar tissue can cause the eyelids to turn inwards, meaning the lashes to scrape the eye and scratch the cornea. Patients often resort to plucking out their own eyelashes for short-term relief from the excruciating pain.

Trachoma can be treated with antibiotics and surgery, and prevented through improved access to clean water and educating people about good hygiene.

Sightsavers has been fighting trachoma for many years and now we’re close to making history. You can help us wipe out the disease in the countries where we work by 2025: join our End is in Sight campaign to eliminate trachoma for good.

A health worker examines a woman's eyes.

The End is in Sight: our campaign to eliminate trachoma

We’re on a mission to stamp out the disease by 2025, but we need your help to banish it for good.

About our campaign

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