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UK general election 2017: take action

If you’ve just taken our UK general election 2017 pledge, thank you!

Click on the tabs to find out how you can take action and make sure people with disabilities in developing countries aren’t left out of the picture in the election period and beyond. (Haven’t taken the pledge yet? Here’s where to get started)

Right now, politicians want your vote more than anything, so right now’s the perfect time to tell them what you care about. Click on the tabs above to find out how you can support Put Us in the Picture over the election period.

And here’s why it matters:

  • Because Bhanvari was struggling but can now earn a living and support her family
  • Because Aminata faced a bleak future but is now getting an education
  • Because Henry lacked self-esteem but is now a confident teenager who wants to be a politican and change the face of his country

Making sure development is disability-inclusive can transform lives, families and communities. And no matter who’s in power after 8 June, we’ll keep fighting for the UK government to deliver disability-inclusive development and create a fairer world. We need you to fight with us!


  • Sign our petition calling on UK political parties to commit to disability-inclusive development
  • Contact your local candidates: candidates are driven by voters – you’re their constituent so right now they really want to know what you care about. Email your candidates and let them know why you want them to show support for global aid that’s inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • Join our Thunderclap: sign up to send an automated social media post on 1 June to help our campaign reach an even wider audience
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper: let your community know how disability-inclusive development can make it possible for people with disabilities in developing countries to have the same access to education, healthcare and employment as everyone else, and tell them how they can join the campaign! You can email our press team if you’d like some help doing this or have any questions about what to say.
  • Read and share our manifesto: find out what we’re calling for from the next UK government.
  • Attend hustings (a hustings event is a meeting where election candidates can address potential voters): keep an eye out in your local paper, social media or local radio for any upcoming events. Go along and ask each candidate what their party will do to make sure foreign aid doesn’t leave people with disabilities behind.
  • Ask questions of party representatives who ring or visit you: find out where they stand on making foreign aid inclusive of people with disabilities by asking them: What is your party’s view on ensuring that people with disabilities are included in UK global aid? Tell them that global aid and any efforts to eradicate poverty will only be truly effective when people with disabilities are included.
  • Share stories of the people at the heart of the campaign: by sharing on social media you can amplify the voices of people with disabilities in developing countries.
  • Watch this: to remember why inclusive global development is so incredibly important and see how it transforms people’s lives.


  • Support the calls in our manifesto: find out what we’re calling for from the next UK government.
  • Show voters where you stand: share this tweet and let them know that you support disability-inclusive development
  • Talk about disability-inclusive development at hustings events: let voters know where your party stands on foreign aid and how you’ll make sure it’s used most effectively to reducing inequality and poverty.
  • Contact Sightsavers’ campaigns team to find out more about how to support disability-inclusive development.

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