Disability rights

A girl in class reading braille.

Disability and the SDGs: from words to action

World governments will meet at the United Nations General Assembly this weekend, and a key item on their agenda is the Sustainable Development Goals.

September 2015
An illuminated sign that reads 'End inequality' is held up amid the darkness at the Light the Way event in London.

Global goals: the most important thing in the world?

This September, world leaders are meeting in New York at the UN General Assembly to set global goals for the next 15 years.

Sightsavers, September 2015
An older woman stands alone in Bangladesh.

Voices of the marginalised: summary

A report summary exploring what persons with disabilities and older people understand as the causes of their social, economic and political exclusion.

A smiling mother with a visual impairment hugs her young son.

Voices of the marginalised: full report

A Sightsavers project to bring the perspectives of those who live in poverty or who are highly marginalised into post-2015 policy making.

Three smiling women take a break from their packaging business.

Voices of the marginalised: summary (Bangla version)

The Bangla version of a report drawing on the real-life stories of persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh, as told to researchers.

A close-up of two people holding hands.

How double discrimination punishes women with disabilities

Sunday 8 March marks International Women’s Day, but there’s not much to celebrate if you’re a woman living with a disability in a developing country.

March 2015
A teacher writing on a blackboard in front of a group of children.

Children with disabilities most likely to be denied education

Children with disabilities, children in conflict areas and girls are the most likely to miss out on going to school, according to a new campaign.

March 2015
Adult and child interlinking hands

How a radio drama in Malawi is raising awareness of albinism

Radio was chosen to educate teachers, children and local communities as it is more readily accessible, reaching even remote, rural areas.

Guest Blogger, January 2015
Roshani at a school eye screening in India.

Changing perceptions about living with blindness through positive role models

Our experience clearly tells us that blind people largely exist in the fringes of our community. Being blind is not the problem, it is the understanding.

Guest Blogger, January 2015
The paper registers used to collect data on disability.

Disability disaggregation of data: report

A report on the initial steps undertaken to include disaggregation of data by disability in two projects in Tanzania and India.