Disability rights

Sankarlal working in his shop.

Sankarlal Bishnoi’s story

Sankarlal lost his sight in 1984 after someone threw acid in his face. But being able to work again has enabled him to regain his dignity and independence.

Shyam sits alone in his house.

Shyam’s story

Shyam from India lost his sight through glaucoma. He feels no hope for the future as nobody believes he can be a useful member of his community.

Reaching out to children with disabilities in remote areas

Early intervention is crucial in mitigating and preventing developmental disabilities.

Guest Blogger, November 2014
A female teacher is standing at the front of a classroom teaching, many school children are looking at her.

Informing discussions on data and disability

How can lessons from our programmes inform discussions on data and disability? Data is a hot topic in development, with many discussions on its potential.

Pauline Thivillier, October 2014
A woman in India with visual impairments weaving wool in her home.

Liberal Democrats put people with disabilities in the picture

The Liberal Democrats have become the first UK political party to explicitly include people with disabilities in their 2015 general election manifesto.

October 2014
Caroline Harper, Lynne Featherstone and Ben Quilter holding a giant card reading 'Put Us in the Picture'.

Sightsavers hands Put Us in the Picture petition to UK government

The petition calls on politicians to make sure people with disabilities aren’t ignored in the fight against global poverty.

September 2014
Two boys smile and embrace each other.

Put Us in the Picture petition reaches 20,000 signatures

The petition is part of our campaign calling on the government to make sure people with disabilities are included in global development.

September 2014
A family - mother, father, five children and a puppy - sitting in front on their house.

Campaign update: How’s the picture looking?

Although parliament’s a bit quiet at this time of year, we’re making sure the Put Us in the Picture campaign doesn’t fall off the agenda.

Natasha Kennedy, August 2014

Preparations in the field for disability disaggregation data collection

The suggestion that the North India office conduct a pilot in collecting disability disaggregated data excited me for two reasons.

Archana Bhambal, July 2014
A man using crutches, standing in a doorway.

2014: a landmark year for disability and development?

Today's announcement by the UK government will have a huge impact on many of the 800 million people living with disabilities in developing countries.

Dominic Haslam, June 2014
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