A close-up of mobile surgeon Boubacar Fomba checking his mobile phone.

Combatting trachoma with a mobile phone

Mobile phones are being used to help eliminate blinding trachoma in Mali. Take a look at our mHealth project in action.

August 2014
Typing on phone with woman's eye being checked in the background.

Sightsavers’ trachoma mapping project ahead of schedule

The Global Trachoma Mapping Project, which aims to find out where trachoma is most prevalent, is poised to hit its two-year target nine months early. 

July 2014
A woman hugging her infant daughter.

How your donations changed lives in 2013

In 2013, working with our partners, we provided life-changing treatments, surgeries and support to more than 106 million people in developing countries.

July 2014
A group of children smiling

UK government pledges to include people with disabilities in global development plans

The government has announced it will set out its commitment to ensuring that all people with disabilities living in developing countries will have a voice.

June 2014

World Bank hosts river blindness summit

The summit has been organised by the World Bank’s Africa Region to celebrate the Partnership to Control River Blindness, one of the World Bank’s first health projects.

June 2014
Cameroon sunset

Bloggers share what their sight means to them

Inspired by Becky at, bloggers are sharing what their sight means to them – to help raise awareness and donations for Sightsavers.

June 2014
Patients wait in line to take their visual acuity tests during the cataract and trachoma outreach program in Nasir, Upper Nile, South Sudan, September 2, 2013.

Delay on government decision to prioritise people with disabilities

The government was today expected to make its decision on whether to prioritise people with disabilities in global aid, but the outcome won’t be announced immediately.

June 2014
Jenneh smiles in the classroom during a lesson at school, while Nabirye looks sad as she stands outside her home.

UK government poised to decide on global aid goals

The government will decide whether to follow the recommendations from cross-party MPs to make people with disabilities a priority for global aid.

June 2014
Nick Clegg standing between two teenage girls.

Clegg: children with disabilities need access to education

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has stated that it is vital for children with disabilities to access education.

May 2014
A woman sits in a conference room.

World Health Assembly commits to disability action plan

The World Health Assembly has committed to an action plan that aims to secure better health for people with disabilities.

May 2014
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