How Sightsavers’ education work makes a difference

Sightsavers strengthens fragile education systems across Africa and Asia to promote inclusive, quality education, giving all children the chance to go to school.

A young girl sits on her grandmother's lap, both are smiling.

When children are denied their right to education, they become trapped in a cycle of poverty and dependence.

Our CASE for education aims to break that cycle so that all education is:

  • Continuous: From early childhood onwards.
  • Accessible: Free from physical, attitudinal, economic and communication barriers.
  • Sustainable: Owned by local communities and governments.
  • Equitable: Including all children and young people, especially those with special educational needs and disability and those who are particularly disadvantaged.

Our work leaves no child behind

A smiling girl in a classroom.


We put children at the centre of teaching and learning. Using community-based participatory research methods, we make sure their views and concerns are listened to.

A girl and her mother sit on a bed, looking at each other and smiling.


We recognise girls often experience multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. We promote gender equality and safeguarding as an integral part of all our projects.

A school student raises her hand in class. She's wearing a mask and has an assistive lectern in front of her.


We ensure schools are accessible and free from physical, attitudinal, economic and communication barriers for children with all types of disabilities.
Video: our project in Senegal

A large group of young children sitting outside, looking at a blackboard.


Our programmes are owned by schools and surrounding communities. Together, they identify and implement strategies for the inclusion of all children with disabilities.
Video: our project in Malawi

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Organisations of people with disabilities play a leading role in our programmes, particularly in advocating for the rights of people with disabilities and working with us to ensure can provide the best support to children with disabilities.

A press conference, with cameras pointing at a top table with speakers.


We influence the policy and practice of donors and institutional actors to ensure development and education policy is inclusive.
Learn about our contribution to the Global Education Monitoring Report

Three male students use small assistive devices in a classroom with the help of a teacher who uses a wheelchair.


We’re pioneering innovative approaches, from assistive devices to identifying low cost solutions, such as adapted bicycles so children can travel to and from community pre-schools.
Learn how we support children when resources are scarce

The alphabet painted onto a wall, with the braille under each letter.


We strengthen all the elements of government systems to promote changes which are scalable and sustainable, ensuring inclusive education is consistent – from early years all the way through to vocational and technical education.

A close-up of a mobile phone being used by a health worker to record data.

Informed by data

Sightsavers is one of the founding champions of the Inclusive Data Charter, a global initiative to ensure data on the world’s most marginalised people, including children with disabilities, is available to accelerate progress towards the SDGs.

A group of adults hold boxes of hygiene supplies.

Adapting our work during COVID-19

During the pandemic we supported distance learning via WhatsApp and distributed phones, braille materials and hand sanitiser. We’re also advocating to governments to scale up our inclusive model.

Reaching children during lockdown

Leaving no child behind: a guide to our education work

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Partner with Sightsavers

Local capacity

Sightsavers works in more than 30 countries, and has project offices in 25. We have established partnerships with ministries of education and organisations of people with disabilities, and our programme staff have extensive experience working with local education systems.

Technical and research expertise

Our country offices are supported by our network of global technical leads, along with our global policy and advocacy and our monitoring, evaluation and learning teams. We are the only development focused NGO in the UK with independent research organisation status.

Proven strategic partner

We have significant experience working with UK aid. We’re skilled at leading, but equally trusted as a consortium partner. We deliver disability inclusion and health services at a global scale, and are responsible for contracts with a current value of more than £250 million. Sightsavers leads the Inclusive Futures initiative – a 16-partner consortium delivering the UK government’s Disability Inclusive Development programme. This large scale, six-year programme promotes innovative, scalable inclusive education in sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East.

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We work in close partnership with governments and other institutions to design sustainable projects based on solid evidence, and our work transforms lives and communities around the globe.

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