The end is in sight for trachoma

We’re on a mission to end trachoma by 2025, and with your support, we can make history.

The End is in Sight is our fundraising campaign to eliminate one of the world’s oldest diseases. We know where it is, and how to treat it. Now we need your help to banish it for good.

Together, we can end the agony of trachoma.

Eye surgeon Dr Ndalela examines a child's eyes to check for signs of trachoma.
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An excruciating disease

Imagine if every time you blinked, your eyelashes scraped agonisingly on your eyeballs until you went blind. That’s the reality for millions of people who have trachoma.

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What we’re doing

This infectious eye disease thrives in areas with water shortages, poor sanitation and infestations of flies.
But it can be treated and prevented with antibiotics and good hygiene.

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Help us make history

We’ve spent years treating people for the disease, and we’ve already beaten it in Ghana. We aim to eliminate it for good by 2025. But we need your help: find out how below.

Support our mission to end the agony of trachoma


How can I get involved?

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Make a donation

Your gift can help us distribute antibiotics to banish trachoma for good by 2025, saving millions of people from the threat of blindness. Help us make history: donate now

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Fundraise with us

There are so many ways you can help, from organising a coffee morning to running a marathon, trekking up Kilimanjaro or even skydiving. Get started with fundraising

We can’t do it without your help

We must act now. If we can reach a child with trachoma and treat them with antibiotics, their sight can be saved.

But the longer they go without treatment, the more damage trachoma can cause. And it takes more than their sight. The agony and disability of trachoma can stop people earning a living and prevent children going to school, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty.

It takes their independence. Their education. Even their future.

Through years of hard work, we’ve weakened trachoma’s grip and have beaten it in countries such as Ghana. Now we have a chance to make history.

Our plan is to eliminate the disease by 2025. Will you join the fight?

Trichiasis patient Edisa Nalubanga has her bandages removed after surgery.

What is trachoma?

More than 142 million people worldwide are at risk of going blind from the disease.

More about trachoma
Namukolo and her brother walk near their home.

“The medicine saved my eyes!”

Namukolo and her brother walk near their home.

Six-year-old Namukolo, from rural Zambia, was suffering from trachoma. Without treatment, she risked going blind and spreading the infection to her twin brother. But thanks to Sightsavers, she was diagnosed and given antibiotics to treat the infection and save her sight. Read Namukolo’s story

Help end the misery of trachoma

I would like to make a donation:

could pay to treat or protect an entire community against trachoma.

could pay for sight-saving operations for three patients with advanced trachoma.

could screen a community for a range of eye conditions including trachoma.

We're sorry, but the minimum donation we can take is $3
We're sorry, but we cannot process a donation of this size online. Please contact us on [email protected] for assistance donating over $15,000

could provide 100 people with a course of eye ointment to treat an active trachoma infection.

could pay for an operation to correct the in-turned eyelashes of someone with advanced trachoma.

could pay to treat or protect an entire community against trachoma.

We're sorry, but the minimum donation we can take is $3
We're sorry, but we cannot process a donation of this size online. Please contact us on [email protected] for assistance donating over $15,000

Find out more about trachoma

Sia and her children smile after an eye screening in Liberia.
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What we achieved in 2019

It's been another groundbreaking year for Sightsavers. Find out what we’ve been up to, from launching new programmes and hosting high-profile exhibitions to meeting the Queen.

December 2019
Trachoma surgeon checks the eyes of a patient for signs of trachoma outside her home in Benin.

Accelerate: what’s been achieved in 2019

The Accelerate programme, which aims to eliminate trachoma in nine African countries by 2023, has made great progress in its first 12 months.

December 2019
Usman smiles after receiving eye surgery.
Sightsavers from the field

November updates: highlights from around the world

In Nigeria, a lymphatic filariasis patient is planning to marry his partner after receiving treatment to stop his pain. Plus news from Senegal, Zambia and India.

November 2019

Dr Caroline Harper wins the first Hemingway Award

Sightsavers’ CEO was recognised for her work to help eliminate trachoma by transforming the way funding is secured.

November 2019
Eye surgeon Samson Lokele inspects a patient before her eye surgery.

Sightsavers’ pioneering work is showcased in new Science Museum exhibition

Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries is the world’s largest medical gallery and will be on display for at least 30 years.

November 2019
A close-up of Esther Anyango wearing her hospital scrubs.
Sightsavers Reports

Esther’s story

Esther Anyango, from Uganda, operates on people with blinding trachoma through The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust’s Trachoma Initiative.

Emmanuel Nyamkeen measures a woman's height to determine how much medication to give her.
Sightsavers from the field

October updates: highlights from around the world

In Nigeria, an eye health volunteer has been rewarded for helping to prevent river blindness for more than 20 years. Plus news from Zimbabwe, Ghana and Mali.

October 2019
A male Tropical Data trainer shows female trainee how to identify what trachoma follicles would look like by using small, circular, red stickers with five white dots on their thumbs.

Huge increase in Tropical Data surveys means more people are checked for trachoma

More than 700 surveys to track levels of blinding trachoma have been completed globally in the past year as part of the Tropical Data initiative.

October 2019
Eye health workers in Ethiopia gather data using mobile phone.
Sightsavers blog

Cracking the code: using technology to improve mass drug administration in Zimbabwe

Sightsavers' Sarah Bartlett explains how technology – in various forms – helps us to keep track of the complex logistics involved with large trachoma treatment campaigns.

Sarah Bartlett, October 2019

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