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October updates: highlights from around the world

October 2018
A group of patients in Kenya smile and laugh following their cataract surgery.


World Sight Day celebrations held across the globe

To mark World Sight Day on 11 October, celebrations took place in many of the countries where Sightsavers works.

In Tanzania, Sightsavers staff joined members of Standard Chartered to mark the 15-year anniversary of the Seeing is Believing campaign to rid the world of blindness. They posed for a photo in the shape of the ‘SIB 15’ logo.

In Sierra Leone, a procession was held in Koidu in the east of the country: a public address system was mounted on cars to share information about eye health across the city, and several high-profile eye experts gave speeches. Eye health workers also visited local schools to share information about the importance of eye health.

In Zambia, the Minister of Health was given a tour of the University Teaching Eye Hospital in Lusaka, during which he reinforced his commitment to transforming eye health in the country and improving local services. Free eye screenings were also carried out at Levy shopping mall, with help from volunteers from Standard Chartered Bank, and a procession took place through the city.

In Uganda, school children performed songs and created displays for the Minister for Primary Health, with eye screenings also carried out in several locations.

In Pakistan, Sightsavers visited remote districts to help to screen disadvantaged and minority communities for eye problems. In Haripur district, members of the transgender community had their eyes examined, with the aim of improving people’s access to and knowledge of eye care services.

Many of the celebrations were funded by Standard Chartered’s Seeing is Believing initiative. The gallery below shows images from the events.


Four grandfathers are among hundreds treated at eye health camp

A recent eye camp in Samburu County in central Kenya helped to screen more than 1,000 people for eye issues and provide treatment for those who needed it.

Four grandfathers ­– Leame, Lechamore, Losiana and Sokodi – were among the patients who were diagnosed and treated for cataracts, with a straightforward operation restoring their vision. See their images in the gallery below.

The camp was part of Sightsavers’ CATCH programme, which stands for Coordinated Approach to Community Health. It ensures that patients who visit trachoma screening camps with another eye condition, such as cataracts, are given the treatment they need, and is funded by UK aid from the Department for International Development (DFID). More from Kenya


157 people given sight-saving cataract surgery

In late October, a CATCH camp was held in Nacala Porto and Nacala Velha districts, in northern Mozambique, to treat people with a range of eye conditions.

The aim was to provide at least 130 cataract operations, although the camp exceeded this target, with 157 people having their sight restored through surgery.

Other patients were treated for a range of conditions including conjunctivitis and short-sightedness.

Scroll through the gallery below to see a selection of images from the camp, which was funded by UK aid from the Department for International Development (DFID). More from Mozambique

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