Organise a sweepstake at work or with friends based on a sporting event or reality TV show, and raise vital funds for Sightsavers.

Strictly Come Dancing sweepstake promo image showing the sweepstake printout.

Strictly Come Dancing

Who will win this year’s battle of the ballroom? Set up a sweepstake with friends or colleagues, and whoever picks the winning name gets a share of the cash (with half of the proceeds going to Sightsavers).

Download sweepstake form


  1. Download and print a ready-made form using the link above, or write the contestants’ names on a sheet of paper.
  2. Cut out the names and pop them in a hat (or whatever receptacle is to hand).
  3. Ask your friends or colleagues to draw a name and suggest a donation – anything between £1 and £5.
  4. Make a note of who drew each name.
  5. Enjoy the show.
  6. Whoever picked the winner’s name keeps half the money, and the rest is donated to Sightsavers.

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