Sightsavers unveils innovative ‘donation pod’ in Galway

July 2018
A donation pod in a city centre, with a woman tapping her bank card to make a donation.
An artist’s impression of how the donation pod will look.

Sightsavers Ireland has launched a new fundraising campaign featuring an interactive digital retail display, the first time the technology has been used in Ireland.

Supported by Supermacs, the digital retail display will be installed in Galway’s Eyre Square shopping centre on 10-24 August. Supporters can tap a debit or credit card to donate €2 and instantly see how their gift can change lives and restore sight.

A short video is played on the digital retail display to introduce a patient living with sight loss. After tapping to donate, supporters then see the results of a sight-saving operation when the patient’s bandages are removed and they are able to see once again.

The initiative is part of the Missed Moments campaign, which asks people to consider the moments they’d miss if they were blind. The campaign will also feature a digital advertising board in Eyre Square showing moments from Galway’s history, encouraging people to reflect on what they could have missed because of preventable sight loss.

Emma Kilkenny Wilson, Head of Individual Giving, Fundraising and Marketing at Sightsavers Ireland, said: “Galwegians have always been stong supporters of the work of Sightsavers. By using this innovative technology, which allows people to see how their donation can restore sight, we hope people will pause for a moment and reflect on how important their sight is. We are asking the people of Galway to donate just €2, to help provide a sight-saving operation, or deliver treatments.”

A card being tapped onto the payment pad to make a donation.

The Missed Moments campaign

Imagine not seeing your partner’s face on your wedding day, or the birth of your child. With your help, we can restore people’s sight so they never miss these life-changing moments.

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Fundraising and donations
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