Supporting colleagues with visual impairments

These simple, practical tips will help to make our workplace more inclusive, so all staff feel comfortable.

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Print an inclusive poster for your office

Download the poster (PDF)
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Be tidy, and be mindful of workplace clutter.
Think about drawers, bins or cables that might be a hazard if they can’t be seen.

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Don’t move someone’s belongings without asking.
Also, avoid changing where things are kept without letting people know.

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Always greet colleagues with sight loss.
Announcing yourself by name lets them know who is talking to them.

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When starting a new conversation, address your colleague by name.
This will let them know you’re talking to them.

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Be as clear as possible with everything you say.
Remember, your colleague may not be able to see your facial expressions.

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Feel free to use words such as ‘see’ and ‘look’.
People with visual impairments are unlikely to be offended.

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Think about providing orientation training.
This will help any new colleagues to find their way around the office.

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Always speak directly to your colleague about how you can support them.
Avoid making assumptions about a person’s capabilities.

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