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Policy and research

Sightsavers’ policy work and research is based around our three strategic priorities: health, education and social inclusion.

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Policy is critical because it shapes people’s lives – no matter who you are or where you live, your life is shaped by the policy environment around you. Sightsavers’ particular interest is in education, health and neglected tropical disease, and social inclusion policy. Our role is to influence the development and implementation of policies at local, national and global level to ensure that people have access to health and education services they need and are entitled to, and that people with disabilities are not excluded or discriminated against, but empowered.

High quality research is critical for the successful delivery of Sightsavers’ strategy and programmes. Gathering and disseminating sound research evidence is the best way of ensuring our programmes are demonstrating scalable and cost-effective approaches that are meeting the needs of the people they are designed to serve. Research evidence is also a strong tool for advocating with governments and policy makers for improved policies and environments that lead to elimination of avoidable visual impairment and allow people with disabilities equal opportunities for participation within society.

Our research strategy sets out four objectives:

  • Keep up to date with the existing body of evidence and ensure its effective use in our programmes and advocacy.
  • Conduct high quality research to generate new evidence to address global knowledge gaps and our operational challenges.
  • Build organisational capacity and effective partnerships to generate, understand and use research evidence.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of research findings within and outside the organisation.

Sightsavers research strategy 2014-2019
Sightsavers eye health strategy 2013-2018
Sightsavers eye health strategy summary 2013-2018
Sightsavers education strategy 2013-2018
Sightsavers education strategy summary 2013-2018
Sightsavers social inclusion strategic framework 2015

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