Policy recommendations for inclusive education: advocacy pack

Why urgent action is needed to include children with disabilities in education

Education for children with disabilities is not only a fundamental human right, but essential for poverty alleviation and human development. People with disabilities constitute an estimated one in five of the world’s poorest. Exclusion from education is a significant factor in the high levels of poverty often experienced by people with disabilities and their families. Denying children with disabilities access to a quality education greatly constrains their opportunities to gain independence and skills. The caring responsibilities associated with disability can also prevent siblings and other family members from engaging in work or attending school.

Yet, with access to education, children with disabilities have the chance to become active and engaged citizens who can shape their own futures and claim their rights in employment, politics and other spheres.


Afsath, 10, visually impaired, sits with her friend on the school steps in India.

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Sightsavers and disability rights
Indian girl at a school eye test

School Health Integrated Programming: Guidelines for school-based eye health programmes

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide direction to those planning and implementing vision screening programmes as a part of eye health initiatives within the education sector.

A man rides a bike with a child on the back.
Sightsavers from the field

Educating pre-school children when resources are scarce

Sightsavers’ Ronnie Stapleton visited pre-schools across Malawi to train teachers how to include children with disabilities. She also learned a lot along the way.

February 2020
A man gives a young girl a ride on the back of his bicycle.

Sightsavers receives Innovative Practice prize in Zero Project Awards

Sightsavers won the award for its work supporting children with disabilities in Malawi.

January 2020