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“If you save the sight of a child, you can change their life”

Dr Paul Nyaluke

Dr Nyaluke has been an ophthalmologist for nine years. Three years ago, after witnessing the urgent need for child eye care specialists in Tanzania, he decided to focus on in paediatric ophthalmology.

“I found there was a huge gap in paediatrics,” he explains. “We have a high number of children yet very few specialists. Cases of avoidable blindness in children were increasing, so I thought we need to join hands and increase our efforts to find cases in districts like Morogoro.

“It is very important to give someone their sight. If you save the sight of a child today, this child is going to live many years with his or her sight, and will become productive, to himself, and to his family.”

Providing cataract surgery in Tanzania

Dr Nylaluke leads the surgical team at Muhimbili hospital in Dar Es Salaam, watched closely by two trainee surgeons, two anaesthesiologists, two nurses and the theatre chief. Dr Nyaluke is also the specialist who carried out the operations on the four children we met in Morogoro, including Baraka.

Cataract surgery is a delicate procedure. The patient is prepped and ready for surgery; once they’re in the operating theatre, Dr Nyaluke removes the cloudy lens from the affected eye and inserts the new lens with a syringe. If required, he then repeats this on the other eye.

After a long day of operations and post-surgery check-ups, he is very upbeat and optimistic. “I am feeling great. It was great. We are happy because we succeeded to operate on three out of four of our patients from Morogoro.”

It’s thanks to people like Dr Nyaluke, and donations from supporters like you, that more and more children are being screened and are undergoing the sight-restoring surgery they need. “The clinic is running very effectively,” he says. “We are seeing 60 to 80 children each week and we are doing operations – this is all thanks to the contribution of Sightsavers.”

Dr Paul Nyaluke examines a person's eyes.

“We really appreciate all supporters who are contributing to Sightsavers, and we can see the impact of what they are doing.”

Dr Paul Nyaluke examines a person's eyes.

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