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As we pull up to the home of Amina’s son, we’re welcomed by a sprightly 65-year-old woman bounding towards us. It’s Amina, who simply can’t contain how happy she is to see us.

She tells us her life has been completely transformed following a straightforward operation to remove cataracts from both her eyes – eyes that light up with joy when she says, “For me, the best thing is being able to play around with my grandchildren. I have no limitations.”

In fact, after Amina’s bandages were removed, the first thing she did was go home and celebrate by playing with her grandchildren. But this isn’t the only way Amina’s operation has significantly improved her life and the lives of those she loves.

For me, the best thing is being able to play around with my grandchildren.

Thanks to the generosity of Sightsavers’ supporters, Amina has a newfound independence that she’s fully embracing. She has moved out of her son’s home and now lives with five of her daughter’s children, who she loves looking after.

Amina is also back farming again, which is vital to putting food on the table for her growing grandchildren and herself. And she has started visiting her local mosque every day, somewhere she can give thanks for her new life and chat with old friends she was unable to see for many years.

When we talk to Amina’s son, Dominguez, we also hear how the operation has been so important to Amina’s health and future. He says his mother was suffering a lot and not capable of doing many things: “If she was still blind, her life would be very difficult, especially without her husband.”

An older lady smiling at the camera

But now a joyous Dominguez, who brought Amina to hospital for her operation, says his mother is much more independent. It’s a sentiment echoed by Dominguez’s wife, who tells us she’s very happy because she can now leave Amina alone and not worry about her.

Being able to play with her grandchildren again feels like a miracle to Amina. We want to give more miracles to people who have lost their sight to avoidable blindness. £30 can make this happen. We’re well on the way to funding a million sight-restoring operations – can you help us reach a million miracles?

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