Bhagirath’s story video: text alternative

A man sits in a room talking.

“Disabled people generally never used to come out of their houses. They had lost their hope.

I have been struggling with my own disability in the past and even though my situation has now improved I continue to fight for others.

In these meetings, when some of us who have been active telling the group that we have been running a shop doing this or doing that, then other people with disabilities at the meeting get motivated to do something themselves.

Many disabled people were discriminated against. Some people used to say that disabled people are black mark on society. That they shouldn’t be allowed to survive.

But now people can feel pride. They can earn their own livelihood and support their family. They’re able to lead a dignified life.

Before, with a physically handicapped or blind person, people used to say bad things, and these people were disregarded. But now things are changing.

People are not disregarded any more.”

A black screen shows with the words: The right support makes all the difference.

Screen transition: Join us to ensure all people with disabilities in developing countries have the opportunities they deserve.