William Mwambu interview video: text alternative

Councillor William Mwambu (from Masindi District, Uganda)

“When the duty bearers, when the planners, when the counting officers, when the implementers, lack information, lack data, it becomes very hard – One – for them to plan. Because what are they planning for? Two – it becomes hard for them to justify; why are we saying we need schools? Why are we saying we need accessibility? Why are we saying we need increased funding towards disability? Why are we saying we need people to include ‘a/b/c/d’ in their programming? It becomes hard for us to influence policy direction. “Why are you asking us to do this? Where are the people? We are not seeing them.”

So lack of data influences planning and budgeting, and for that reason the challenge we’ve got is little funding, little interest. Even the government partners coming to Masindi. Nobody shows interest in disability. Why? Because they don’t know they are there. They don’t know the challenges. They do not know what are their specific needs? They don’t have the entry point. But if we have this data with us, with them, readily accessible, it becomes easier, it adds weight on our advocacy, it adds weight on the justification, on the rationale we give, and can even attract more development partners to come in, because there is a reason.”

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