Sightsavers campaign video: text alternative

A young man walks down a dirt path, trees dotted around on either side. Behind him there is a house with mud walls and a corrugated iron roof.

He says: “When you’re a young kid with a disability, they keep you hiding in dark corners. They don’t want people to see you.”

A young woman steps carefully out of a doorway, holding a white cane in her hand, following a woman with restricted growth.

She says: “Some people say, ‘They cannot do anything because they are disabled.’”

A man with restricted growth sits on a bench. Behind him are two dusty motorbikes.

He says, “They don’t believe that these are human beings.”

A group of four young women talk and smile on a path. One uses a wheelchair, one holds a white cane and one has restricted growth.

Text appears on screen. It reads: In the world’s poorest countries, 800 million people with disabilities are being denied basic human rights like education, employment, health care and the right to vote.

A man with a blue sports top and cap is seen from behind, walking with a stick.

He says: “When you have a disability, every day you wake up there is something that reminds you.”

The face of the same man speaking appears in profile. Behind him is a stunning view from a high viewpoint.

He says: “But it becomes better when the society you live in seems to welcome you wholeheartedly.”

Text appears on screen. It reads: We campaign to make sure all people have the same opportunities in life – to go to school, to find a job, to participate – like everyone else.

A man leans over the desk of a young boy in a classroom, guiding the boy’s hand around a three-dimensional wooden map.

He says: “These kids are really accepted, not only by their friends but also by the surrounding community.”

Three young girls work at desks in a classroom, one using a braille calculator. Two small boys sit on top of a canoe on a beach.

A close-up shot shows hands working quickly at a loom – then a young man working the loom.

He says: “After learning this machine, I think life will change.”

A young girl with a visual impairment holds up her hand enthusiastically in a classroom of other children.

A woman’s voice is heard over this footage, saying: “Yes, the disability is there but the person in me can do anything like any other person can do.”

Photographs show: a young woman with a bright smile, wearing overalls and holding a large wrench on her shoulder; three smiling teenage girls, two of whom have albinism, with their hands resting on each other’s shoulders. They are dressed in sports gear embroidered with the words ‘Malawi Paralympics’.

More photographs show: an Indian woman standing with her arms crossed in the middle of an alleyway, looking directly into the camera; a man with a bright, wide smile raising a baby boy in his arms; four young girls wearing tracksuits with a Sightsavers logo punching the air in a martial arts movement.

Text appears on screen. It reads: A world where people with disabilities are treated equally is a world worth fighting for. Will you fight with us?

Two young girls smile, their arms around each other’s shoulders. One wears a headscarf.