BLINK: see stunning photos disappear in the blink of an eye

Most of us blink without thinking about it – we do it more than 20 times every minute.

But for people suffering from the eye disease trachoma, each blink can be agony. With advanced trachoma, every blink brings them closer to blindness, until eventually they lose their sight completely.

Our BLINK interactive photography exhibition took place in London in October 2019 to raise awareness of Sightsavers’ End is in Sight campaign to eliminate blinding trachoma.

As visitors viewed the digital photos in the exhibition, every blink they made caused the images to change, leaving the photos permanently altered. The results were unpredictable and unknown: an artistic interpretation of the vision loss that trachoma can cause.

Try our photo simulator below for an idea of how the images looked as they degraded during the exhibition.

Lady looking at degrading image in art gallery
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Your gift could help us banish trachoma for good


The end is in sight for trachoma

Sightsavers has been fighting trachoma for many years: we know where it is, and we know how to treat it. Now, at last, we’re close to eliminating it. You can help us wipe out the disease in the countries where we work by 2025.

The agony and disability of trachoma can stop people earning a living and prevent children going to school, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty. It takes their independence. Their education. Even their future.

A gift to Sightsavers can help us distribute antibiotics to banish trachoma, saving millions of people from the threat of blindness. Donate now.

Help us make history

The End is in Sight is our fundraising campaign to help eliminate trachoma by 2025.

How to get involved

Our exhibition was supported by:

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