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Put Us in the Picture is Sightsavers’ campaign calling on the international community to make sure global development is inclusive of people with disabilities.

A group of young people with disabilities posing for a photo under a tree.

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Participants and staff from the Connecting the Dots project discuss the discrimination faced by young people with disabilities in Uganda.

There are one billion people around the world who have a disability.

Of these, 800 million live in developing countries where they have limited access to health care, education and employment, and often face stigma and discrimination.
Put Us in the Picture campaigns for people with disabilities in developing countries to be given the same opportunity to learn, earn and be happy as everyone else.

The campaign aligns with the UN’s Global Goals that aim to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality.

There’s a lot of discrimination against people with disabilities, but I proved to the community that I can do anything.
Monica Friday, Uganda
Monica Friday photographed in her classroom on the first day of her plumbing course. She is smiling and holding a wrench.

How will our campaign help?

At the heart of it, our campaign is about people. If people with disabilities are properly considered when international development decisions are made, it can change lives, families and communities, and its impact is beyond measure.

Put Us in the Picture exists to fight for a future full of opportunity for the 800 million people with disabilities living in developing countries. It couldn’t be more important, and your support is essential in making it happen.

You can make a difference

A large gathering of people standing by a neon sign reading 'End inequality'.

The story so far

From a petition with 20,000 signatures being delivered to Downing Street to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the worldwide Global Goals, we've seen great progress since the campaign was launched – and it's campaigners like you who make it happen.

What we’ve achieved

The difference inclusion makes

A woman with crossed arms smiling at the camera.

Anuradha’s story

Have you ever been made to feel different? Anuradha has. But she's turned her experience into something incredibly positive.
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Aminata Gueye is wearing a dark top, sitting at a desk, talking.

Aminata’s story

Educating blind students in Senegal doesn't just benefit the children: it also helps to transform families and entire communities.
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Isaac works on the knitting machine alongside his tutor.

Isaac’s story

Isaac lost his sight seven years ago, forcing him to drop out of school. He’d lost hope until Sightsavers offered to give him vocational training.
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What is Put Us in the Picture?

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