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Our Put Us in the Picture campaign calls for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities in life as everyone else: to go to school, find a job and participate fully in society.

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There are one billion people around the world who have a disability.

Of these one billion people, 800 million live in developing countries where they have limited access to health care, education and employment. They often face stigma and discrimination, and many are denied the right to vote and participate fully in their communities.

Watch the video below to find out why Put Us in the Picture is campaigning to change this.

Fighting for a fairer world

Put Us in the Picture calls on the international community to make sure the world tackles global poverty in a way that doesn’t leave people with disabilities behind. Instead, we want to ensure they’re included every step of the way, at every level of decision-making.

With your support, a fairer world is within our reach.


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