Charitable foundations

Charitable foundations play an important role in supporting Sightsavers’ work.

We work with many trusts and foundations around the world, with grants ranging from just a few dollars to more than $600,000.

A surgical team carry out eye surgery while wearing bright blue and green surgical scrubs.

How we can work together

Sightsavers focuses on eliminating avoidable blindness and supporting those whose sight cannot be improved or restored so they can live independently. We do this using sustainable, replicable and scalable approaches to eye care that strengthen existing health systems in the countries where we work.

There are a number of ways for charitable foundations to offer support:

  • Give a one-off or annual unrestricted gift: this allows us to use the money for our identified priorities at that time.
  • Give through a monthly standing order: this enables us to plan ahead, so we can help even more people with visual impairments.
  • Work with us to support a specific area of work: this is usually over a number of years, and can support a specific cause such as helping children who are visually impaired or have other disabilities so they can attend school.

Contact us

Amanda Jordan,
Global Trusts Manager
+44 (0)1444 446 684
[email protected]

Muslima holds up a balloon to the camera and smiles broadly.

Your support can help us change lives

Muslima lives in Bangladesh, and was born with cataracts. Her vision was deteriorating and had started to affect every part of her life. Our photo story shows how Sightsavers stepped in to help.

Read Muslima’s story

Our global partners

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation logo

Sightsavers works in partnership with Conrad N Hilton Foundation to eliminate trachoma in Mali and Tanzania and help provide cataract surgery.

Charity evaluator GiveWell has named Sightsavers one of its top charities, and has awarded us a $9.7 million grant to scale up deworming projects in Africa.

Sightsavers has been awarded a grant of $348,000 from the IZUMI Foundation to eliminate blinding trachoma from five regions of Mali.

Learn about our work to save sight

Get in touch today

United Kingdom

Pippa Ludek
Global Trusts Manager
+44 (0) 1444 224248 [email protected]


Lauren Herbert
Major Giving Executive
+353 1 270 0020
[email protected]


Amanda Jordan
Global Trusts Manager
+44 (0)1444 446684 [email protected]

Middle East

Morna Lane
Head of Major Donors and Trusts+44 (0) 1444 446736
[email protected]

More about Sightsavers

Three boys, one with visual impairments, smile and link arms in their school playground in Mali.

About us

Sightsavers’ mission is to prevent avoidable blindness, fight debilitating diseases and promote equality for people with disabilities. Find out where we work, how we’re run and what we do with the money we raise.

Two boys smile and embrace each other.

How we’re run

We can only fulfil our mission thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We aim to be as transparent as possible so you can be sure your money is used wisely.

Saidi smiles broadly at the camera, in his brand new glasses.

Why donate to Sightsavers?

Find out why you can trust Sightsavers to spend your money wisely, and how your donation can save sight and change lives.